Problem:  You have an Event planned and it needs be solved. Why you should look for Creative Ice Cream And Foods   

One of the largest if not the largest ice cream catering companies in Arizona. You need something with a “WOW look at what they did for us.” event. You need it to be remembered and that they wish for it again.

  • It should be effective. Yet meaningful. We provide the most for the least cost investment.
  • It should be something that will be fast with great customer service.
  • You wish for one firm who can handle your food and ice cream needs.
  • You wish for a no hassle event without a lot of work, effort, or worries on your part. Why waste time going out and getting items when we bring it to you cold, non-melting and ready to serve.
  • You do not wish for cake!  They may not remember the cake; they will remember the ice cream.
  • You need someone to help with other event requirements or suggestions.
  • You have to have quality and taste, even for diet restriction of which we bring also.
  • You do not want to worry about running out of product or what to do with left overs.
  • You desire it to look professional that will leave your Clients/guest with a smile and talk about it for weeks.
  • You do not wish to send your staff outside, stand in line for service that can be done inside and done faster.
  • You need service that is 3 times faster than food trucks.
  • You need someone licensed and health code permitted to do such events.
  • You want it fun and lively, with some theme music background, while YOU take the credit!
  • You want someone you can call year in and year out that is stable in the business. “Since 1986 We Have Been Serving Therapy With A Cherry”
  • You hope for someone that can work with you for those “last minute” events.
  • You have to have a company that is experienced and flexible. 
  • You need to give your attention to those you appreciate instead of doing the service yourself.
  • You are looking for a server that can take care of the ice cream and patrons without your direction. 
  • You want a server that knows how to scoop and serve the correct size, not serving too small, or large

You and/or your staff need some “Therapy With A Cherry “, Problem solved You have needs;  can take care of them.